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La Antigua, Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage city since 1979 for its unique historical and cultural elements. La Antigua was the second capital of the Captaincy General of Guatemala, founded on March 16, 1543 in the Panchoy Valley, on the slopes of the Agua Volcano. It contains living vestiges of Spanish culture in its main monuments, built in the baroque style of the 18th century and some preserved as ruins. Today, among ruins, churches and convents open to the public, the apogee of colonial art can be seen in its architecture and decoration, manifesting the best of the epoch through the different styles that enrich the heritage of Guatemala.
Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is at capacity. Please see other hotel options below.

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is located in Antigua, Guatemala, a city full of history in every corner. Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is a 5-star hotel and museum, which was built in the former Convent of Santo Domingo, once one of the largest convents in America. The hotel is notorious for preserving the baroque architecture of the colonial era and contains several treasures from that era that are displayed in every room and corner.

Thus, staying at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo will mean exploring a large part of Antigua, a city frozen in time, where the contrasts of modernity and history come together to give space to comfort and luxury.

Hotel Options

Porta Hotel Antigua

8a Calle Poniente No 1, Antigua Guatemala
Phone: +502 7931 0600

Hotel Camino Real Antigua
7ª. Calle Poniente 33B, Antigua Guatemala
Phone: +502 7873 7000

The estimated airport/hotel cost in Antigua Guatemala is $65.00 per trip (1 to 5 people if booked in advance).
To make your transfers, we recommend booking them in two ways:
  1. Directly at the airport, after leaving immigration –  You will find several private transportation kiosks. (Please use the kiosks located INSIDE the terminal. We do not recommend negotiating with individual providers outside of the terminal).
  2. Book in advance with one of the following recommended providers:

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

Trasla by Hertz
Whatsapp: +502 3275 0003
Monica Rogers

Enjoy Adventours
Whatsapp: +502 2300 8500

Get to know Antigua, Guatemala

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Country Currency

Approximate exchange rate Q7.70 per US$1.00
In all formal shops and restaurants, you can pay with a credit card.

If you have a reservation at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, this information may interest you:

All reservations require credit card guarantee at time of booking (Not debit card accepted).

Due to high occupancy, cancellations or modifications in the arrival/departure dates are not accepted. If a guaranteed reservation does not check in on the confirmed date or has an early departure, full stay rate will be charged as per original reservation.

Rooms are limited and will be assigned on a first come first served basis, so we encourage participants to make their reservations as soon as possible.

Breakfast is included for one guest per room.

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo
3ª. Calle Oriente 28A, Antigua Guatemala
Phone: +502 7820 1220

Guests have the right to 1 vehicle free of charge.
The cost per day, per vehicle is $10.00.

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Hotel Casa Santo Domingo
Hotel Casa Santo Domingo
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